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Welcome to eResources Digital Learning!

eResources Digital Learning provides students with a wide range of teacher-led courses and teacher-facilitated courses delivered via the Internet.

This multi-state program provides enhanced learning opportunities for high school and middle school students. We invite you to explore our website and take advantage of this exciting and dynamic learning experience.

Registration is now open! Students should contact their school principal or counselor to register. School Superintendents, Principals, or Counselors should contact eResources Staff at (501) 492-4300 for more information.

Summer School Course Options Are Now Available

We are working with our course providers to offer the best (and least expensive) options for teacher-led summer school courses. Many are offering their courses at a reduced rate for summer (even lower than the discounted rate already available during the school year).

Check out our list of summer school courses! Click on Course Catalog, choose "Provider" and then select a "Summer School" option from the dropdown menus. Note: Most of our courses are available year-round, but we are highlighting the summer options that have additional discounts or are specifically designed for the summer time frame. You can still enroll students in other options from our course providers!

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