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Below is a summary of the details related to courses offered by our various providers. Registrations cannot be made directly to these providers. Please click on Enrollment to register!

  • Brigham Young

Brigham Young University

Accredited by: Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS)

Courses Offered/Cost

$50.00 and up (Average $219.00)/

Common Core Standards

NCAA* Tentative NCAA approval.
Grades 7-12
Enrollment Open Enrollment

Semester-Trimester Courses

Course Extension Students have up to one year to complete their course(s).  Ninety-day extensions can be purchased for $20 per course.
Textbooks/ Materials Additional cost

0-180 days 100% refund

181 days or more no tuition refund

$10 fee for each lesson/exam submitted

A $20 student management fee per course

Technical Support

Contact the course provider for technical assistance related to accessing a course or the provider's website.

BYU - (877) 897-8085 or

Contact Arkansas Public School Resource Center (APSRC) for assistance and/or questions related to our website.

APSRC Office - (501) 492-4300 or

*For NCAA approval, student transcript must include online course name and provider name exactly as shown on list of approved courses.